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Riverboat Days 2020 may be cancelled but that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate the heritage and culture of the Terrace area! In keeping with the "Spirit of the Skeena," below are some fun activities to do this summer reminding us of the fun of Riverboat Days. No prizes, no deadlines--according to your own schedule, gather up family and friends and tackle a Word Puzzle or take a walk or get colouring.


Know your streets in Terrace and area? This word puzzle is a scramble of local street names. They can read forward, backward or on a diagonal. Download the Word Puzzle here. If you want to check your results, the solved puzzle can be found here. And remember to see what sentence the unused letters form.

Alternative Game: Write all the letters of the alphabet and see if you can match a Terrace area street name to every letter. We think there is a street name starting with every letter except "x". Have fun!


Two challenges for you here!! All about town are monuments, plaques, structures and public art to inform about our history and culture, and to beautify the community. You drive or walk by these all time. So it should be easy to identify them from a photograph. Not when we only give you a tiny piece of these features in a picture! There's an example of one of these images from our quiz on the left. Not easy is it?

In each of these quizzes you have to identify 10 artifacts on public display. The first quiz has features located in or near downtown Terrace. In the 2nd quiz we travel a bit further afield in the Terrace area. And we are so generous, if you are struggling you can download a set of clues to each of the pictured items. Enjoy!!

What is it? Where is it? - Round 1 Quiz
Round 1 Clue Sheet
No peaking! But when you need the answers, here they are: Round 1 Answers

What is it? Where is it? - Round 2 Quiz.
Round 2 Clue Sheet
No peaking! Round 2 Answers


A leisurely and informative walk!! You may be a regular walker of the Grand Trunk Pathway but did you know you can get from the Sun to Neptune following this path? That is because some enterprising Terracites installed markers along the route to model our Solar System. It is all to scale--each metre you walk equals 1 million kilometres. You find the planets in their relative locations indicated with large tiles embedded in the ground or on signposts. From the Sun to Venus isn't that far from the starting point at the Kwinitsa train station, opposite the Ambulance Station. But Neptune is way out at Kitsumkalum.

We provide a downloadable itinerary which includes a few facts about each of the planets.

Walk the Planets Handout

An Alternative Itinerary. The Grand Trunk Pathway is an accessible, hard-surfaced, easy walking path. You can make local history the inspiration for your walk here, thanks to a City of Terrace Millennium heritage project. The pathway is dotted with panels covering a range of topics on the history of the area. Our favourite is a panel about the Sternwheelers that plied the Skeena River!


A magical escape, so close to town!! Just as a quiet natural setting, Ferry Island is an ideal place for a stroll. But there is an additional element of mystery to the place, thanks to local carver Rick Goyette. Emerging from the deeply incised bark of the cottonwood trees are fantasy houses and expressive faces. To encourage you to walk the perimeter trail, we provide images of some of these carved faces. Can you find them all?

Ferry Island Faces Handout

An Alternative Itinerary. Ferry Island is rich with low elevation plants and trees. Look for information signs identifying types of vegetation, facts about the plant's distribution and characteristics, and, for some, medicinal, culinary or ceremonial uses.


(2019) It's the combination of volunteer time and financial support of non-profit groups, small and large business that produces a community festival of over 50 events. Most of the sponsorship is received directly by the event organizers but the Riverboat Days Society also receives financial support. These funds are typically used for initiating new events, improving existing events and multimedia advertising of Riverboat Days. The main funding source for the Society is an annual grant from the City of Terrace and Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine. Local media also play a huge role in the success of Riverboat Days, providing services well beyond those for which they are contracted. Riverboat Days was one of the first recipients of support under the Fabulous Festivals and Events Program of the Northern Development Initiative Trust. But then we truly feel Riverboat Days is the epitome of a fabulous festival! And this year, LNG Canada made a significant financial contribution to Riverboat Days 2019 and is our sponsor of the Great Big Tent that hovers over George Little Park.

Riverboat Days really does not begin till the Black Powder Cannon cracks its opening salvo at the Opening Ceremonies. For the cannon, we thank Ted Ramsey, Paul Harrison and friends from the Terrace Rod and Gun Club.

The Terrace Riverboat Days Society would also like to acknowledge the following supporters:

For the Fireworks Extravaganza, thank you to the City of Terrace/Terrace Fire Department, Home Hardware, Seabridge Gold, Stantec, Terry's Lock & Security, Timber Baron, Your Decor, with special thanks to Terrace RCMP detachment, Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure, Thornhill Fire Department, Terrace Search & Rescue, Nechako Northcoast Construction and AQCS Traffic Control.

For Movie in the Park, thank you to: the City of Terrace, Skeena Valley Rotary Club, Acadia Mechanical, Andre's Electronic Experts, Bandstra Transportation, Dynamic Health Services, Gemma's, Great Bear Forest Management, My Fitness Centre, Seabridge Gold, Stantec, Tillicum Twin Theatres and Williams Machinery.

(July 24/19)

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