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Schedule of events

May 1/21: Due to the continuing COVID pandemic, Riverboat Days 2021 will not held. Like last year, there may be smaller community events held in early August, especially if public health directives are lessened this spring and summer. The Riverboat Days Society will be pleased to support those organizations with their publicity, through our Facebook page and website. Please contact us at info@riverboatdays.ca.

Sept 22/20: Riverboat Days 2020 was cancelled but there are still opportunities to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Terrace area. For inspiration we offer some "2020 Fun Activities." These include a Word Puzzle, Photo Identification Quizzes and more. Click the link on the left. Celebrate the Spirit of the Skeena!

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Starting the August long weekend, Riverboat Days is the largest community festival in northwest British Columbia, highlighting the culture and heritage of the area. Riverboat Days offers huge variety, from interpretive walks, to sports tournaments, to live music. The 2019 program offered nearly 50 events over 10 days. Longstanding crowd-gatherers such as the Legion Parade, the Fireworks over Ferry Island, Beach Blast Volleyball and Concerts in the Park never fail to please. Concerts features the best music from around the northwest, held outdoors in the centrepiece of Riverboat Days, George Little Park.

Riverboat Days is an entire week to share the history, the culture and simply the unequalled natural setting around Terrace. So for 2020 take a walking tour of the downtown organized by Heritage Park, watch an outdoor movie at George Little Park, enter a team in the Davis Cup Riverboat Days Soccer Tournament or take in a new activity like archery or drag racing. From quiet and reflective art exhibits to loud and fast auto racing, that's Riverboat Days.

At any time, we encourage you to discuss your ideas with members of the Society Executive for new events or suggestions to make Riverboat Days even better. The Executive is listed on the "About Us" page. If you don't know any of these people, you can get contact information through the George Little House or City of Terrace Recreation Department. We are always open to new members of the organizing committee. Still got questions?: info@riverboatdays.ca